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→ Voting will last 24+ hours. The results will be posted when most ties are broken and we have a definitive winner, at least for first. It would be appreciated if you voted, though you are not required to. You do not need to be a participant to vote.
→ Vote for your three favorite icons in order, please consider text placement, texture/brush work, coloring, and cropping in your vote.
→ Votes are weighed, so vote accordingly. Your first gets three points, your second, two, and your third one. 

This week we're going to vote for our top two icons AND instead of a third icon, vote for the set you feel emphasises Contrast.
Set: 2.

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mass effect, shepard

Results: Crossovers

Long belated results for the crossover challenge, one of my favorite so far. Congrats!

1st Place:

by capefetish

2nd Place

by frodolyn

and Tie for Third Place

by frodolyn

by _rvouseiteki_
No mods choice this week because of the tie.
mass effect, shepard

Final Reminder

You may have noticed no voting has been posted for the current challenge. This is because we have only had three people enter. Which is sad and lonely. Here is a link to the challenge, it will be open until this friday when the voting will go up and a new challenge issued.  

I would really like to give these icon makers a little bit more of a run for their money -- It's not as fun if you're losing or winning against... yourself. Please consider entering the challenge which is: Opposites.
mass effect, shepard


Hello all, I'm baaaaack. Let's give a big hand to vampirate_23 who moderated while I was away, she did a good job, and the only thing she forgot was to post the results for the cross over challenge. Results for that will go up today, so look out for them.

Please remember to enter the current challenge, which is Opposites, you've been asked to make a Nite Owl and a Comedian icon, but I'm going to open that up to any opposites in the film. SO, if you think that Rorschach and Dr. Manhattan are the ultimate opposites, go ahead and icon them. If Silk Specter 1 and Silk Specter 2 are the ultimate opposites, icon them. But you must have an icon of each in your post, so two icons minimum.

Thanks guys, I hope to see more icons from you all! 



→ Icons should meet LJ standards (no larger than 100x100 or 40kb) 
→ Only use the screencap(s) provided. Brushes, textures and stock images are allowed. 
→ You must be a member to participate. 
→ You may submit up to 5 DIFFERENT icons, you may blend the images-- you may change your entry until voting is posted. 
→ Do not post your entries anywhere until the voting is over and results announced. Do not submit a previously made icon.
→ Post your entry in a new post to the community, please tag it ' entry '
→ This challenge will last aprox. one week -- voting will be posted on Sunday

Frodolyn's birthday is coming up right quick, and since she's a wonderful mod, I figured it would be nice to dedicate a challenge for her. So this week, you can make any Nite Owl icon and any Comedian icon you like, as long as you have one of each when you post your entry. Have fun!! :) 

P.S.: Please vote for challenge 11! We don't have enough votes to decide the winners yet :(
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